Unlocking New Markets: Embracing Opportunities as Drugs Reach Patent Expiry

As pharmaceutical patents near their expiration dates, a window of opportunity emerges for companies to explore untapped markets. With the expiration of patents comes the potential for generic versions to flood the market, offering more affordable alternatives to brand-name medications. This shift not only expands access to essential drugs for patients but also presents a fertile landscape for pharmaceutical companies to explore.

By strategically identifying drugs nearing patent expiration, companies can position themselves to capitalize on the resulting opportunities. Through innovative formulations, international expansion, and strategic marketing, pharmaceutical companies can extend their reach to new patient populations and geographic regions. Moreover, leveraging data analytics and partnerships can facilitate targeted approaches, ensuring maximum impact in these emerging markets.

As the pharmaceutical landscape evolves, navigating the transition of drugs from branded to generic status presents a pivotal moment for industry players. By seizing the moment and strategically aligning their efforts, pharmaceutical companies can unlock new avenues for growth, improve patient access, and drive innovation in healthcare delivery worldwide.”

Currently under investigation are the following drugs: One information model we support is a digital asset for a clinical article, view the metadata model.

DrugAlternate NamesManufacturerPatents Expiration
omontysAffymax Inc.May 12, 2024
aliqopaBayerMay 13, 2024
mayzentNovartisMay 19, 2024
prevymisMerck & CoMay 22, 2024
xifaxanSalix PharmaceuticalsJune 19, 2024
remodulinorenitram, tyvasoUnited TherapeuticsMay 24, 2024
tpoxxSIGA TechnologiesJune 18, 2024
nuvigilTeva PharmaceuticalsJune 18, 2024
oriahnnAbbVie Inc.July 6, 2024
xeglyzeDr. Reddy’s LaboratoriesJuly 16, 2024
ninlaroTakedaAugust 12, 2024
prezistaJanssen TherapeuticsAugust 16, 2024
xareltoJanssen TherapeuticsAugust 28, 2024
moviprepVelinor A.GSeptember 1, 2024
aldara3M PharmaceuticalOctober 1, 2024
brilintaAstraZenecaOctober 30, 2024
xiidraNovartisNovember 5, 2024
nourianzKyowa Kirin Co.November 13, 2024