In the early 1990s  I learned the importance of building and maintaining a consistent and robust development and production environment while supporting Ford’s Corporate Technical Information System (CTIS) in Dearborn, Michigan.

A decade later I was responsible for balancing continuity of development and testing environments for a high-profile Army intelligence project. Continuity was essential if the production environment was to operate predictably.

Consistency and security of operating enviornment continued to be my mission as I supported the product owner of USCIS ICAM. Juggling literally hundreds of thousands of security remediation requirements while maintaining operating integrity was essential to support CBP in the field.

Working directly with the founder of PlanetRisk I understood the power of horizontal scalability, and that having an sandbox development environment that was identical to the production environment was the key to rapid deployment while keeping costs low.

In mid 2014 I was encouraged by Harold Roland to develop the ability to rapidly and consistently deploy production ready AI and analytics in the Amazon Web Services cloud. That product has been in  production every hour of every day since its release January 21. 2015. It has been running in 22 countries and 6 continents. Customers include the largest bank in Europe and power companies in Australia.

In 2022 RRECKTEK LLC and PAF became a fixture in the massive Cyrus One facility in Ashburn, Virginia. Customers choosing to license directly from RRECKTEK enjoy state of the art infrastructure without restrictions and costs imposed by Amazon.